Heaton Moor according to holds people earning a higher income, however with a population of atleast 12,000 we feel Heaton Moor is perfect for on an average salary and with Atwel James you will need to be someone with a ‘high disposable income’ to find your place in Heaton Moor. The fact that Heaton Moor has historically been considered to be an area of higher earners, the area itself has always seemed to be elegant.
Heaton Moor has the rods lined with treesand the houses (often with 3 floors and a loft conversion in many cases) well back from the road itself, giving the area a Victorian business class sort of design. IT ensures there is maximum space and the opportunity to compete with your neighbours for the best front garden on display. It also means many houses in the area will have a drive thru.
The train station in the area of Heaton Chapel, turned Heaton Moor from an exclusively beautiful area for a few people to an area that was exclusively beautiful but for many, as people were able to get to the area easily the past few decades have seen and huge development on houses in the area. Heaton Mersey has buses like the 197 and 84 which takes you straight to Manchester as well as the 22, which takes you too as far as Bolton. The roads are very wide and has direct roads like Heaton Moor Road to take you to Didsbury in Manchester in just a few minutes. It is also considered to be a cyclist heaven! The River Mersey in the area gives a beautiful trail to run or ride along and the area itself is famously flat meaning going from A to B on your metal steed an absolute breeze.
Sports is something that has stood the test of time in the area as the all the local clubs in the area have been operating for well over a century, even the Lacrosse team on the border of Heaton Mersey having been established since 1879 and a golf club as well as rugby, cricket, tennis and football club all been established for well over a century!
Atwel James thinks out of the four Heaton’s in Stockport/Manchester, it is likely the Heaton Norris, Heaton Chapel and Heaton Mersey are most envious of this Heaton for the elegance that comes more so in Heaton Moor.