Heaton Mersey is a suburban area in Stockport on the border of Didsbury and is mainly a residential area for those commuting to Manchester. It has a strong population of estimated to be around 14,500 and the houses are eversmall in the area and usually very spacious despite thousands living in this area.
Heaton Mersey has a passion for local sports with all sorts of sport clubs open for you to join. It has its own cricket club, as well as tennis courts. It even has a men and women lacrosse team and a golf course. The park, Heaton Mersey Park even has a local fishing pond, which just emphasises how unique the area is. It even has a Sea Scout for boating along the river Mersey itself, with a nature park and trail.
It even has a beaver scouts and cub scouts club for young children to be part of, which clearly represents how family based, community spirited, and friendly this area really is.
It is definitely one of the most community spirited areas in Stockport and in Manchester with several pubs making it really easy to meet people in the local community. Heaton Mersey being in Stockport of course opens its doors to many educational institutes in Stockport but also the numerous High Schools in Didsbury and Manchester!
Whilst Heaton Mersey hosts its own family fun days, has some sweet delis, restaurants and local businesses. It also has a local car boot sale each week, we can only see Heaton Mersey as one of the friendliest places to be in. We would also consider as a brilliant environment for children to be in with so much happening for children such as the youth cricket, football and tennis teams in in Heaton Mersey.