Heaton Chapel is a largely residential area with a population of around 15,000. It borders the Manchester district of Levenshulme and both areas have their own train station that makes the North West much smaller if you live in the area of Heaton Chapel. It is famous for its local economy especially the Mcvities biscuit factory. The aroma of the factory can be smelt in the area and there are little complaints about the smell of chocolate and biscuits on the street.
The Heaton Chapel area is on the middle of the 192 bus route, which is the most common bus in Manchester that takes you to Piccadilly Gardens Piccadilly station and the city centre of Manchester as well as Stockport town quickly. Heaton Chapel is the perfect mix of nature and urban, with wildlife in the parks and beautiful front gardens as well as high streets for markets etc.
Being in such a good location next to the 192 bus route it means multiple high schools colleges and even the universities are accessible from this area, making it more convenient for students than many other areas. Heaton Chapel houses also tend to be quiet large semi-detached or usually single independent standing houses making them perfect for families that may have visitors come by equally. The accessibility of Piccadilly Railway Station and Stockport Railway Station ensures that you can transport your business across the Pennines to Sheffield in less than 50 minutes which is just of the many advantages you have living here.
Atwel James believes that this area does not attract specific person since it is so well equipped in making your life perfect no matter who you are, whatever your age is, your finance or background, Heaton Chapel will always provide a home and also business opportunities that make life closer to what you want it to be!