Hazel Grove is one of the most serene areas in Manchester and Greater Manchester in the borough of Stockport. So beautifulin fact that it got its name Hazel Grove for having so many Hazel trees in the area. It has a population of 15,000 so is not too large and is besides Bramhall on a map. Being in Stockport makes it self-explanatory that Hazel Grove lets you be part of nature with all the threes, parks and rivers.
Hazel Grove uses the A6 for the Manchester and Stockport connection and it is also where he 192 begins its journey to Manchester upto 19times an hour. It also has its own train station making easy to travel across the area and in Manchester. In addition it is only several miles away from the national railway station of Stockport which can take you to London quicker than 4 spins of the London eye itself!
Hazel Grove is full of primary schools and also the Hazel Grove High School which is one of the highest achieving high schools in the area. Furthermore it is not far away from Stockport Grammar School which is one of the most prestigious grammar schools in the country. Hazel Grove also has access to several top flight colleges like Stockport College and Cheadle and Marple College, ensuring our youthful generation in the area have access to many opportunities.
Atwel James feels Hazel Grove itself is an ideal place to live simply because all the houses are of high quality. Alongside he houses the shops are excellent, the schools locally are phenomenal, transport in the area is second to none and the community couldn’t be friendlier.