Known as Chorlton, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, not to be confused with Charlton. Chorlton is one of the places that really represent Manchester in one area. It has everything from restaurants that serve tapas to pubs, to cafes, to Indian restaurants. It is perfectly diverse. In addition, it has some of the most successful business with its own market square that is extremely popular and successful. A collection of banks in the area so if we buy property in Chorlton, we do not need to travel to the city center as often.
It has its own tram line as well as multiple buses like the 86 and 85 to take you directly to town. If your property is in-between schools, then Rent your property of Chorlton to the School building and maintenance as there are a number of schools like Chorlton High School and Whalley Range high School as well as William Hulme Grammar that make student’s life easier. Wilbraham road is one of the most famous roads in Manchester in Chorlton since it is full of restaurants and business! Chorlton has its own Morrison supermarket which also makes life easier.
Being just a few miles from Manchester city centre with so much public transport to take you there or to Didsbury, it is very easy for Atwel James to suggest that for our tenants in the beautiful homes of Chorlton, it is the best place for anyone no matter what your budget or background is, to move to Chorlton. It even has its library, local market stalls, and even recreation grounds. It has its own cricket team on of the largest grounds in Manchester on South West Cricket Ground.
Atwel James thinks Chorlton is perfect for buying, renting or selling properties for individuals and families. We can see why it is such a popular choice for people as it has almost everything n what you would need and more. It definitely has more than what most areas can say they have in terms of convenience and public transport. People that live here all tend to be respected professions too, such as teachers and doctors which again makes the area feel all the more secure and one can safely sell property in Chorlton. It also represents the whole of Manchester in one area!

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