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Our all estate agents based in Northenden are highly skilled who have rich experience in dealing with a variety of properties across their local area. Whether you want to sell and buy or rent your property they can guide you in best possible manners.

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We will always strive to deliver smooth, efficient and effective property transactions for our clients. Atwel James has a vast network and offers a boundless portfolio of properties across Farnworth.


It can be easily argued that Northenden defines the convenience of a city like Manchester. It has a surprisingly modest population of around 15,000 despite its closeness to the city centre.

Northenden is within the district of Wythenshawe but is closer to the city side of things. Its geographical location is almost perfect. Northenden gives you 5 to 10 minutes’ car journeys to an international airport as well as the major hospital in Wythenshawe hospital.

Looking to buy a property in Northenden, then one gets nearby options like supermarkets, shops, and locals. In addition, it is one of the easiest places to live and to travel around the borough of Trafford which opens the doors to not only one of the largest shopping centres in the Trafford Centre, but also plenty of schools like grammar schools and comprehensive schools.

Furthermore, it has buses that run to Manchester around every 10 minutes as well as also being home to one of the most convenient roads in Manchester, Princess Parkway.

The road is an arrow straight street to the city centre with no turns along the way. People who are working in Northenden and lives in Wythenshawe border can rent a property in Northenden and reduce their daily travelling.

The houses are also excellent, ranging from large family houses to more modest homes and even cottages. Many people sell their property in Northenden, so there are areas of every choice.

The choice to travel to places in Manchester or even abroad as the distance from Manchester airport is just a few miles away. It makes shopping every day easy and not just cheap as the supermarkets like to advertise. It makes education literally more accessible and diverse. It makes going home feel like home.

Most Frequently questions asked by our customers

How can I sell property in Northenden?
For Selling your property, you need to have an exact estimation as per the current market rates of your holding followed by finding an agent who is trustworthy, which is obviously hardest to find. Wait for the right deal and sell. Contrary, give us a call and we’ll help you.

How can I buy property in Northenden?
Mostly, records for the property are held at the county level. Look for an assessor in Northenden, appraisal or recorder office online. Find the property owner to buy the property, by entering the property’s address or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the property search section of the website or simply get our advisers’ help.

How can I rent property in Northenden?
Take an assistance of estate agents who can help you in perform reference and credit checks on potential tenants to ensure everything is perfect – if not, you will need to do this yourself.

If you’re looking for estate agents in Northenden for buying, renting or selling your property, you’ve come to the right place! Email us at or give us a call at 01612320944.