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You have too many questions to ask and We have one answer to give.’Atwel James – Trusted Estate and Letting agents in Mottram in Longdendale’

Atwel James is one of the primary, most widely known and well-established estate agents in the Mottram in Longdendale area.
Founded over 10 years back, we have expanded from one personal sales office located in Bolton to Manchester office.
We have highly experienced and dedicate team who can fulfil your property related requirements in a short period of time. Whether you want to sell or buy your property, they can find the best possible deal.
All our Estate and Letting agents are trustworthy with immense years’ of experience in the housing marketplace and full trained to have the first-hand local knowledge to talk about with clients

We can be assured you that you are not just Sales lead to us but a valuable customer. ( Today’s buyer is tomorrow’s seller)

Why choose Atwel James estate agents?

1. We understand that being good is not enough; our services must be better than that of our competitors and from what we learn from our customers, it is.
2. We are a good HMO specialist in Mottram in Longdendale.
3. We have expertise in finding quality tenants
4. We provide free property valuation to landlords and tenants.
5. We had a remarkable conveyancing history.
6. Check out the free landlord insurance on a full 6-month management.
7. We do not charge landlords in finding a tenant.

Mottram in Longdendale is the best place to live

Mottram in Longdendale has a modest population of around 10,000 and is also one of the most picturesque areas in the entire of Greater Manchester. It is also one of the cheapest areas to live in. It is a much more rural area compared to other orthodox urban areas in Greater Manchester. A person who loves the outdoors can buy Property in Mottram in Longdendale because it sits on the edge of the Peak District.
Mottram in Longdendale has a perfect blend of cottage houses and much more regular housing. Very rarely do houses come so close a national park but so well connected to a major city like Manchester, with the M67 coming in contact with Mottram in Longdendale, it makes any desire to get out of the area easy as possible and brings you in touch with the city. However, at night times it is more than probably going to feel too serene to be true in one of the calmest towns in the country. It is filled with the par and even has several reservoirs in the area like Arnfield Reservoir and Bottoms Reservoir. All of which makes it impossible to undermine the natural beauty of the area.
Quite remarkably one of the most artists to have ever lived made sure Mottram in Longdendale was his home for around two decades. L.S. Lowry. A statue of him can be found in the area and it shows what sort of people can be attracted to a quiet area. It is little surprise to know that Mottram in Longdendale was a source of inspiration for people like Lowry. The area is also blessed with its own cricket clubs, Mottram cricket club as it was established in 1878; and those who likes cricket or are fond of cricket can rent property in Mottram in Longdendale.
Mottram in Longdendale is a place that sells itself as the place is calm; so anyone who doesn’t like calmness can sell their property in Mottram in Longdendale.

Most Frequently questions asked by our customers

How do I sell property in Mottram in Longdendale?

For property selling, you must have a precise estimation according to the existing market rates of your keeping followed by finding an estate agent who are reputable, which is actually hardest to find. Wait for the right offer and sell. In contrast, Call us 01612320944 and we’ll assist you.

How do I buy property in Mottram in Longdendale?

Mostly, details for the house are presented at the state level. Search for an assessor in Mottram in Longdendale, appraisal or recorder office online. Find the house owner to choose the property, by stepping into the property’s address or assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the house search portion of the website or just get your advisers’ help.

How do I rent property in Mottram in Longdendale?

Get a quick help of estate agents who can assist you in perform reference point and credit checks on potential tenants to ensure everything is ideal – if not, you’ll need to get this done by yourself or you can read our tenancy guide here: houses to rent in Mottram in Longdendale.

What are the opening times?

Our office is open Monday – Friday 9:30am – 6:00pm

How do I arrange a viewing?

You can either telephone us on (0161) 232 0944 or email . One of our staff members will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.