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After 10 years of establishment, ‘ Atwel James’ have achieved many accolades to become the most successful independent estate agents in the Gorton area. We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with all our esteemed customers and hence offers a range of property services like buying and selling, rental management and home loans.

You may be a first-time property buyer excited about life in your new home, but seeking answers to those endless questions that arise due to lack of knowledge and information, or you may want to add another property to your portfolio and need an expert opinion about investing right in the property market.

At Atwel James, we are happy to answer all your property-related questions in our ‘House Doctor’ service. House Doctor is the latest addition to our list of existing services for clients looking for renting, buying or selling their property.

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Why choose Atwel James estate agents?

  1. We understand that being good is not enough; our services must be better than that of our competitors and from what we learn from our customers, it is.
  2. We offer this ‘Let only’ service 100% free which makes us different from other estate agents.
  3. We are a wonderful HMO specialist in Gorton.
  4. We will find a quality and reliable tenants who promptly pay you rents on time.
  5. We don’t charge any cost for property valuation.
  6. We had a remarkable conveyancing history.
  7. We take a responsibility and finding a property worth.

Gorton is the best place to live

With a population of approximately 36,055 (according to the 2011 census), Gorton is the small city of Manchester. The name Gorton derived from the battle between Saxons (a group of German tribe) and Danes (a group of Danish tribe). Now Gorton is emerging as a popular town in the Manchester. After Brexit, Gorton becomes a hub for foreign investors and many foreign investors invested in a regional property in a Gorton.

Why should you trade property in Gorton?

Gorton has affordable properties-  The first and foremost advantage of the trading property in a Gorton is that the price of the property is relatively lower than Manchester. With a small investment, you can buy your dream house.

People are friendly- Since Gorton is emerging as an ultra modern town and maximum dwellers are new and friendly. They understand the feeling of people and never step back to help you in real time.

Infrastructure- After massive foreign investment, the infrastructure and connectivity of the Gorton have been changed. Now Gorton is blessed with excellent infrastructure and top- notch connectivity, where you don’t need to wait for long hours for transportation.

Fresh, clean and Green environment–  Gorton is blessed with natural beauty and fascinating sights. The air is fresh, roads are wide and clean and houses are well constructed.

The bottom line – In brief, Gorton is an ideal place for modern family. So, if you are looking for sell, buy or rent property in a Gorton at a reasonable price, then you must contact to Atwel James Estate Agents.

Most Frequently questions asked by our customers

How do I sell property in Gorton?

For property selling, you must have a precise estimation according to the existing market rates of your keeping followed by finding an estate agent who are reputable, which is actually hardest to find. Wait for the right offer and sell. In contrast, Call us 01612320944 and we’ll assist you.

How do I buy property in Gorton?

Mostly, details for the house are presented at the state level. Search for an assessor in Gorton, appraisal or recorder office online. Find the house owner to choose the property, by stepping into the property’s address or assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the house search portion of the website or just get your advisers’ help.

How do I rent property in Gorton?

Get a quick help of estate agents who can assist you in perform reference point and credit checks on potential tenants to ensure everything is ideal – if not, you’ll need to get this done by yourself or you can read our tenancy guide here: houses to rent in Gorton.

What are the opening times?

Our office is open Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

How do I arrange a viewing?

You can either telephone us on  01612320944 or email  One of our staff members will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.