A house on the M62

The motorway. Noise, congestion, road rage or the big priced Little Chef menus, the motorway is not a place to stay for anyone. We would do anything to avoid them. The AA in 2010 reported UK motorists in the country drive an extra 600 million miles. Yet one family that doesn’t really see the ugly side of it and is famous for living inside the house in the middle of a motorway…literally. Kimberly Pollard one of the famous residents who lived in the farmhouse has finally revealed what it was like to live on the M62 in Yorkshire.

Growing up in such an infamous house, Ms. Pollard has revealed things we may quite not have expected from living in between the east and westbound carriage ways on the most cumbersome stretch on the M62.

House on M62She spent her childhood content and suggested it was just ‘normal’. She would feed the lambs in the famous fields that surround our large slabs of concreted Earth. She would get to school without much issue, the cupboards were more stocked up than most houses could have been. The only thing that was not normal were random strangers asking to use the phone, to call the AA – they’d serve their guests a ‘cuppa’.

To what extent feeding lambs may seem normal for our children to do on a day to day basis, Ms. Pollard definitely feels like there was nothing wrong with her property.

Although, before she was born there was one morning at 4:20am when a 32 foot lorry ended up overturned in their yard and the driver ‘climbed out through the windscreen’ according to her grandmother Beth, but he was luckily safe. Maybe he was just too keen for that cuppa.

How do you even end up on such a place? One couldn’t really growing up wanting to buy a farmhouse on the motorway? Her grandfather is most responsible, similar to the stories around the Disney film ‘Up’, Ken Wild was the stubborn Yorkshireman in history who refuse to budge when the motorway was built. However, his isnt true, so what was the real reason for such a bizarre location for the property? As a 1983 documentary was realised online we find out the truth of such a massive question plaguing our minds for decades. The climatic truth as to why the house still exists in what seems such a ‘mad’ location. Mr. Wild has told the world that the motorway had to be built around the farmhouse because a geological fault beneath it would have been a massive task to overcome.

In reality what does it really show about the people of Britain and their relationships with their property? At Atwell James we know that people all may have a unique feeling about their houses and we all make our house work in the way we want, whether it is in the middle of the M62 or the heart of Manchester, which we can adapt to make our house our own special place. The story of this house is clear, there is no place like home.

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