How to freshen and re-vamp your home this year

The New Year is a chance for everyone to do something different in their lives and change some of the things that they didn’t like in the previous year. You might feel that to go with the ‘new you’, you need a new change in the house that you live in.

In this blog we will highlight just some of the ways that you can mix things up in your property.

Change of Theme

2016 is the year of the jungle the me. The exotic colours of the jungle are said to be the interior fashion this year. You could go as psychedelic or subtle as you like with this theme. If you have the budget to make some furnishing changes, you could bring in some rattan furniture and a few exotic plants. A jungle themed conservatory or dining room would look incredible with colourful scatter cushions on chairs and sofas.

Update your dinner set

You may be surprised how much it could improve your mood just by eating of a brand new plate! Perhaps you have a few chipped bowls and several scratched plates, get rid and replace. A brand new dinner set might spice things up a bit in the kitchen and dining room. The trend at the moment in monochrome, so why not invest in a lovely set of monochrome table wear? To go with this, buy a new tablecloth – it will make all the difference to your eating area.

A brand new scent

Many residents admit to finding a scent they like for their home, and keeping it. This year, try and dump that signature scent and dig around the shops for something new. Different scents let off certain moods. Purchase yourself some lavender candles for your bedroom – it will smell nice and even improve your sleep. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with new incense sticks and wall plugins, a new smell may potentially make a huge difference.

New Bed Linen and Curtains

Who can deny a new bed set? Not only will a new print on your bed stand out and look amazing – it will feel great as well. If you didn’t already know, Egyptian cotton bedding is one of the softest, most luxurious types of bedding on the market. January sales are still going strong so make the upgrade cheap while you can! To go with your new bedding, add some new curtains to your bedroom or living room. A bright, statement print on your curtains will add instant personality to your room.

Framed Images

It is most likely that you made a lot of memories last year; many of them may have been photographed. Let your memories live on and get a few photographs printed and framed. It is always nice to add as much personality to your walls as possible. The best excuses for framed photographs are new family members, weddings and family parties. Try your best to make use of important pictures and scatter them around your walls. If you have enough family photos, the new trend is to put inspirational quotes in decorative frames and add them to your rooms. Give it a go!

Move House

This one may be slightly drastic, but if you’ve got the funds and you’re ready for a huge change, make the move! If you feel like a change of property is the best option for you, get in contact with us about selling your home and buying a new one!

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